LABtoLAB #4 at PiNG in Nantes

We join LABtoLAB@Nantes, a meeting of a European network of media labs. The meeting, now hosted by PiNG, is the last step of a two-years cooperation between several organizations like Constant from Brussels, Medialab-Prado from Madrid and Kitchen Budapest.

During the 3 days planetary sessions and group discussions focused on the role of media labs in offering possibilities for life-long learning. Several members of Kitchen Budapest participated in the events: Attila Nemes joined 'Media labs and university : programs-on-demand', Melinda Sipos joined 'Residency as a lab' while Attila Bujdosó initiated a wiki sprint, a collaborative writing session dedicated to the creation of the 'media lab' article on Wikipedia. This latter was kind of a wrap-up of discussions during LABtoLAB, especially the first meeting in Budapest, about the notion of media lab.

Additionaly, DIY workshops, project demos, performances and concerts where held in various locations in Nantes. We especially liked the performances of Bend me, I'm famous, Mali Motion, Casper Electronics and Screen to screen by Vincent Broquaire. See full program.

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