KIBU at Kinetica Art Fair

Kinetica Art Fair 2010
4th-7th February

On 4th February 2010 the international, thematic exhibition, Kinetica Art Fair, will open for the second time in London. KIBU researchers developed two kinetic installations: LANdelion, a blow-sensitive dandelion, and POP, a set of playful lamps capable of learning


Kitchen Budapest has created a new flower species - its name is derived from the English word ‘dandelion’ and the acronym 'LAN' (Local Area Network). The organically shaped LANdelion is crafted from reused cables, and it is revived by blowing its petals. Depending on the intensity of the blowing, the ‘flower’ moves its tufts, accompanied by flares of light. The user's experience has been the focus of technological improvement for a long time. Beyond the experience-based elements targeting market competition, labs such as KIBU (which explore devices and applications in a social context) concentrate on experimentation with experiences (visual, vocal, tactile etc). The blow-sensitive dandelion is an example of KIBU's relationship to DIY (Do It Yourself) culture and the UI (User Interaction) design.

Power of Play (POP)

This project shows the power of inherent human playfulness. While modelling the process of learning, with the help of evolutionary algorithms everyday objects become capable of playing. By using a video camera, foam desk lamps track the path of a beachball, trying to keep it going. The complex and dynamic movements of this game are difficult to programme. For this reason the greatest challenge of the project was to create the appropriate algorithms, which harmonize the motion of the lamps. The application of this model (using evolutionary algorithms) simplifies the learning process in an ‘intuitive’ way. POP is a game played by robots, but it also resembles human experiences. Can a bustling group of playground children be modelled? Is it possible to depict the dynamics of board games through programmed technology? Kitchen Budapest attempts to answer these questions with its installation, which utilizes DIY (Do It Yourself) tools.

Kinetica Art Fair 2010

Kinetica Art Fair was launched in 2009 by the Kinetica Museum in London, which is a professional exhibition and fair at the same time. It provides collectors, curators and the public with a unique opportunity to view and purchase artworks from leading contemporary arts organisations and artists experimenting with kinetic statues, electricity, robotics, light and sound. This year 35 galleries and organisations participated with over 150 artists exhibiting. Kinetica Art Fair 2010 will take place at P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS.

Kitchen Budapest participated in the event with support from the Hungarian Cultural Centre London.