In the Air


In the Air is a visualization project which aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents of the air (gases, particles, pollen, diseases, etc), to see how they perform, react and interact with the rest of the city.

The visualization tool is a web-based dynamic model which builds up the space the components generate, where through data crossing behavior patterns emerge.
The project proposes a platform for individual and collective awareness and decision making, where the interpretation of results can be used for real time navigation through the city, opportunistic selection of locations according to their air conditions and a base for political action.

In the Air Budapest
The aplication for Budapest city has been developed choosing five of the key pollutants that most detrimentally effect health and quality of life. These contaminants are: Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen oxide (NO), Particulate PM10,Ozone (03).

The results of these data feed a physical prototype of a domestic visualizer, which will allow citizens to participate in the emission of information to the public space, and at the same time to build up a map of interests on the subject.