Nighmo (Home Moonlight)

Nighmo(with original name Home Moonlight) is a night-light object which starts to operate when it detects motion in the room, and makes just little light, enough to sense the space, furniture, and things around in the room.

If you have several nighmos placed in different parts of the flat, the pleasant light follows the direction of your movement, and slowly fades out when movement ceases in the space. This light is weak enough not to disturb sleepers in the room.

Nighmo has no other function in daytime than beeing a nice organic object in the flat. When the daylight goes off, nighmo lamps switch on automatically with a smooth fade-in.

Our aim

The aim of this project is to develop technology for aiding human orientation while moving at night in dark interior spaces. To the eye accustomed to darkness, bathroom lamps are like the flash of a camera, while some weak lights would be enough for finding the way, and they would provide a pleasant sensation. Controlling light intensity with the help of dimmers is also not the best solution, and one still needs to feel for the switch in darkness.

How does it work?

Nighmo has a PIR sensor inside which is usually used for home alarm system's motion sensing. This sensor is like a "one-pixel infra camera" which is optimized for sensing human sized objects radiating a special infrared range. PIR sensor is very sensitive - it is able to accurately detect human motion from up to 20-25 meters distance.

Other good feature of PIR is the low energy comsumption. According to its name "passive infrared" it doesn't make infrared light only detects given infrared light from the environment so as the infrared radiaton of the human body which it detects with the basic sensor equipped with optical and electronic amplifiers, filters.

This sensor's features are suitable for the functionality of nighmo: low energy comsumption and great sensitivity. Besides of PIR nighmo has a control circuit, a photo resistor, batteries, and the suitable recharge circuit for the batteries.

Current state

Product development of Nighmo is finished, we have the final product which production is still in progress.

At first we will produce 30-50 pieces to be exhibited and sold in 100% design Tokyo in October 2008.

Nighmo is a handful object with all the electronics molded into a special gum-like organic shape. It switch on at night with a smooth fade-in when it detects motion. With this weak light it makes enough light to sense the space.

Nighmo product page:

Participating researchers:

Bagi Tamás, Gálik Györgyi, Csík-Kovács Zoltán, Lakatos Dávid,Sipos Melinda, Szalai András


- 100% Design Festival, Tokyo, 2008. October
- Kitchen Budapest 1 year Birthday, Millenáris, Budapest, 2008. June 15.
- Brandfestival Digital, VAM design center, Budapest, 2008. April 28.
- Next 5. Festival, Denmark, 2008. April 10.


in english:

- Next 5. Exhibition,, Apr 10 2008

Project log:

project update 2008.09.24.

The final product of nighmo is ready to be produced in bigger number and going to be exhibited and sold at 100 percent design Tokyo.

project update 2008.07.01.

Home Moonlight has been selected to the the three project taking part on 100% design Tokyo this year.

For this reason the project development turned into product development with full professionality, management and marketing.

Professionals, designers, project managers outside from Kitchen Budapest was also invited and was joined the project.

The new product got a new organic shape, the material changed into sylicone rubber, and got a new brand name "nighmo".

Next5. exhibition - project update 2008.04.04.

Home Moonlight has been invited to Next.5, Nordic Exceptional Trendshop Festival, Denmark.

The exhibition was open for 3 days between 4-6th of April, 2008. Home Moonlight has been exhibited with two other Kitchen project (Mllamp, Fénylugas) and has been presented at 5 min madness, the conference of the Next 5. event.

Home Moonlight in Next 5. from KIBU on Vimeo.

Sphere shape - project update 2008.03.20.

Home Moonlight gets a new sphere shape with one "eye" seeing in infrared range, watching us in the darkness. Reminds somebody to south park characters.

The sphere lamp is placed on a cylinder bottom for keeping the sphere and adjusting the direction of the sensor side. Four blue LEDs are making the light.

project update 2008.03.01.

One possible way of research is based on the phenomenon that if we make light with a point-like source we can make projection using only this simple construction without lens, so that we can get a simple mini slide projector. This projection system can be seen as an inverse of camera obscura.

Project update 2008.02.19.

1. moving, projecting: using one moving LED it is possible to make projections on the wall with different shapes.

2. more simple variation: making pure soft light.

Transform ordinary lamps to Home Moonlight lamp - project update 2007.10.24.

"Night lamp" light is made with LEDs built into various luminous bodies, while motion is detected by simple motionsensors. We will transform a variety of lamps by fitting the Moonlight mechanism into brackets, multi-light fittings, and ceiling lamps, near the electric bulb. "Night mode" will start when the light is switched off.

Experiments on different lights

making the softboxes

We have built LEDs and motion sensors into different luminous bodies, and made use of all sorts of paper, textiles and decorative material with the purpose of filtering light and modifying colours.

light on the kitchen ceiling

new experiments

First ideas