A comparing account of a journey performed in two different ways, as for our load on the environment: fuel consumption, air pollution and waste production. The unit of this account is the "ecological footprint". Some researchers of Kitchen Budapest traveled the distance between Budapest and Helsinki in mid-March. Some arrived in the festival Pixelache Helsinki 2008 by plane, others
by minibus. On the way they were documenting their environmental expenses, by taking pictures and making notes. For the birthday exhibition of Kitchen Budapest the project is summarized in a presentation.

Participating researchers

Tamás Bagi, Gina Haraszti, Gyögyi Gálik, Szonja Kádár, Zoltán Csík-Kovács, Ágoston Nagy, Péter Németh, Gábor Papp, Bence Samu, Melinda Sipos, András Szalai

Why do we prepare it?

One of the key issues of the festival Pixelache Helsinki 2008 was environmental awareness, about which a seminar called "Traveling Without Moving" was given. As an exhibitioner Kitchen Budapest respected this endeavor. The researchers followed the ecological load of the journey traveled on two routes, then among other projects of KIBU, presented it in the festival.

How does it work?

A huge poster to see and read, about a personal, footprinting travel report of Kitchen Budapest, accompanied by technical details and references.

Current state

Map based poster, interesting details, pictures and pieces of information of specific points of the route highlighted. Next to it additional background literature of the meaning, calculation of ecological footprint, and what it has to do with reality, with some relating expressions, such as: carbon footprint, specific CO2-emissions.