Hint for the weekend: KIBU at Dutch Design Days!

On Sunday, 6th November 2011, the exhibition inspired by the book Subjective Atlas of Hungary is going to open at Európa Pont and the results of the joint KIBU-Baltan Laboratories research project Beyond Data Lab will be presented at WAMP design fair.

Hungary, subjectively

Európa Pont, Millenáris Park
Opening: 6 November 2011, 3pm
Exhibition 7–30. november 2011, 10am–6pm

In August 2011, HVG and creative laboratory Kitchen Budapest published Subjective Atlas of Hungary, a book edited by Dutch graphic designer Annelys de Vet and Hungarian curator Attila Bujdosó. The exhibited images – a selection of the pieces displayed in the book – have been inspired by the numerous positive feedbacks since the publication.


Beyond Data Lab

Millenáris Park B
Lecture: 6 November 2011, 5pm
Exhibition: 6 November 2011, 10am–6pm

Recently, Eindhoven-based Baltan Laboratories and Hungarian creative lab Kitchen Budapest started a collaboration project in order to have a better insight into each other’s knowledge and working methods, and to create something new as a result. The basis of the co-operation is a workshop series called Beyond Data Lab and a temporary design laboratory focusing on data. During the course of the project about a dozen Budapest and Eindhoven experts were addressing issues like how to process various – environmental, personal, community and institutions’ – data developing, and how these can nurture creative processes and become design objects. On the basis of that, the objective was to make physical interfaces that enable users to encounter data as a tangible, perceptible and spatial experience. The collaboration began with a workshop held at Kitchen Budapest and continued with an open design lab installed in the main building of the 10th Dutch Design Week. During the course of those ten days spent together in the Netherlands, the participants, based on the results gained in Budapest, started to implement the new concepts already developed and inspired by the venue. The end results were site-specific installations throughout the week.

The visitors at the Dutch Design Days can have an insight into the creations and the background of the collaboration process in a lecture by Angela de Weijer, participant artist and see a selection of the actual results of the Dutch Design Week.


These projects were supported by Mondriaan Stichting and The Hungarian Embassy of the Netherlands.