Draft Report

Draft Report is a live-coding team working at Kitchen Budapest. Our performance concepts are developed through branstormings, workshops and sometimes they came to life as side-projects of other projects.

Presently we are trying to broaden our scope by using different hardware and software tools in a playful and divergent way.

From hardware side we utilize current trends like kinect, multitouch-enabled devices, wireless devices, augmented reality solutions and from software side we use opensource tools like fluxus, openframeworks, processing.

Live Coding events we participated:

2010.12.04. Pixel Heroes Party, Tűzraktér, Budapest

Live coding vj show for 8bit music at Budapest's underground place called Tűzraktér.

Music by Nvyllund (H)

LiveCoding at Tűzraktér

2010.08.27. Media Facades Festival

On this event performers from different location (Budapest, Linz, Berlin) generated live visuals using different platforms, programming environments.

The aesthetics of the performance was determined by the programming method, in which all musical and visual materials are built from elements found on the spot.

nocopypaste and Draft Report

2010.06.05. Long Night of Science - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

At CHB we performed a meditative livecoding audiovisual show. The performance consisted of four projection and generative music composition.

After the official part of the performance we continued improvising generated visuals es a vj performance during the closing party of Long Night of Science.

Livecoding showLivecoding show

Actual members of the team:

Zoltán Csík-Kovács, Dániel Feles, Krisztián Gergely, Gáspár Hajdu

(this is just a draft :)