“If the bee disappeared from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.“ - Albert Einstein

These little insects carry out pollination of many agricultural crops, also estimated that in Europe 85% of wild flowers as well, hence their absence would have unpredictable consequences. The global disappearance of bees is a serious concern for, both in agriculture and nature alike.

The reasons have already been encountered with regard to the mites, pesticides, genetically modified crops, global warming, mobile and broadcast networks to air pollution as well.

This interactive audio-visual installation is a response from the Voronoi Group, in collaborarion with KIBU and Medence Csoport, to this problem. The buzzing that surrounds and penetrates the body; the plastic hive and hundreds of virtual bees put the visitors into the desperate world of the remaining furious bees.

The project was exhibited in 2011 on Sziget on the Octopus festival space. Thanks a lot guys! Hejj!

Participants: Balla A. Benjamin, Kiss László, Korai Zsolt