ENABLE! Lift@Austria

LIFT@austria | Enable! happened in Vienna on March 18-20, 2010. The three day convention has brought together people, organizations, and networks to elaborate and work on the question what does the concept of Enabling mean in various contexts and domains of (game-changing) innovation.

AV Festival 10

Kitchen Budapest participated a symposium entitled Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition. The 2-days symposium was hosted by Culture Lab, Newcastle University and took place during AV Festival 10, a biennial international festival of electronic arts, which took place from 5-14 March 2010.

Nighmo on Pechakucha vol17.

Csík-Kovács Zoltán and Gálik Györgyi at Pecha Kucha Night Budapest vol.17 & New Tech Meetup Birthday

Nighmo was presented at Pecha Kucha Night Budapest vol.17 & New Tech Meetup Birthday

The new series of Nighmo is coming! A new piece of the first series was showed at the presentation, where Zoltan Csík-Kovács and Györgyi Gálik spoke about the way of product development in Kitchen Budapest.

wired.com features LANdelion

Wired.com featured LANdelion among other highlight projects of Kinetica Art Fair.

See the full article: Sound, Lights, Robots Invade London’s Kinetica Art Fair.

KIBU at Kinetica Art Fair

Kinetica Art Fair 2010
4th-7th February

On 4th February 2010 the international, thematic exhibition, Kinetica Art Fair, will open for the second time in London. KIBU researchers developed two kinetic installations: LANdelion, a blow-sensitive dandelion, and POP, a set of playful lamps capable of learning

KIBU at TEDx Danubia

Sipos Melinda, program director of KIBU will talk at the first TEDx event in Hungary.

TEDx Danubia will take place in Budapest, at Uránia cinema, on 27 January, 2010.

Krétakör Kollégium #5

Tóth Lajos (KIBU researcher) will talk at the last event of Krétakör Kollégium lecture series, titled "But where is Nóri?". (in Hungarian)

16 January 2010, 7 PM
Krétakör Bázis. Budapest, Gönczy Pál utca 2.

RSVP here.

Krétakör Kollégium #4

Juhász Márton András (KIBU research supervisor) gives a talk at the #4 event of Krétakör Kollégium lecture series. (in Hungarian) His talk is titled as 'From Velcro to the Matrix'

Friday 8 January 2010, 7 PM
Krétakör Bázis, Gönczy Pál utca 2.

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In the air Budapest go!

Nerea has presented the project in detail to the group gathered for the workshop and we started thinking, brainstorming, generating ideas.


András Beke - architect, BME
Áron Benedek - sustainability associate, Magyar Telekom
Nerea Calvillo - architect
Dávid Dúl - web programming, KIBU
Irma Földényi - environmental designer
Olivér Horváth - design and art theory department, MOME
Márton András Juhász - biochemist, KIBU
Szonja Kádár - product designer
Tamás Nadrai - programmer
Levente Polyák - urbanist
Zsófia Ruttkay - mathematician, MOME Creative Technology Lab

The website of the Budapest edition will be available in a few days.

Opera Looper at Innovation TechShow

We exhibited Opera Looper at Hungary's first Innovation TechShow. On the 8 December 2009 event over 20 innovations were presented. Opera Looper was also featured in the video and article of Index.hu.

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