two ways

First time we start on two ways:
(1) modified lawnmower which cuts picture in grass.
(2) circle layout: the "print head" moves on a rail on the radius of circle while scattering seeds of different color grass. The resulting picture is monochrome drawn in a spiral line.

begining to put together

At first step we cover the meeting room + kitchen of KIBU with our night lamps. We use paper bodies and LED light for lamps first time, while adjusting the strengt and control of the lights. We make some experiments on EL lighting simultanously.

KIBU Flickr pictures
pictures about our opening, our space, our guest and us.

The first figs


The assembly of the figs display has begun. The first few figs in action:

first steps

The hearth of my rotary cellphone is a BTArduino
The first step was to force Bluegiga BT module to work in HFP (hands free profile) mode. This is a commonly used protocoll, many headsets works whith this method, so most of the cellphones supports that.
After some hours spent with testing, it succeeded. Google couldn't find anything like that, so here's the setup code.

Testing with a small interface

I just received the low tech version of the multitouch display. First test results:

Alfa is one of my oldest processing sketches, this is the multi-touch version.

3D simulation to develop content for our facade

Pixels arranged in non conventional ways are not easy to develop content for, so we built a little processing 3D simulations, to try different things we could display our facade.

the simulation (java applet)

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