KIBU projects featured in A Touch of Code

German publisher, Gestalten has published A Touch of Code which features two projects by Kitchen Budapest: Multi-touch and Landprint.

LABtoLAB #4 at PiNG in Nantes

We join LABtoLAB@Nantes, a meeting of a European network of media labs. The meeting, now hosted by PiNG, is the last step of a two-years cooperation between several organizations like Constant from Brussels, Medialab-Prado from Madrid and Kitchen Budapest.

All codes lead to Rome!

Kibu's live coding group Draft Report has been selected as participant performer for LPM (Live Performers Meeting) in Rome, Italy, 19-22 May, 2011. The group performed the result of a weekly Kinect workshop held in Kitchen Budapest in the last 3 months.

Artists’ Talk: We Are Forests, Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier

Emilie Grenier and Duncan Speakman developed 'We Are Forests' through a shared residency at Pervasive Media Studio, Netherlands Media Arts Institute (Amsterdam, NL), 5daysoff festival (Amsterdam, NL) and Kitchen Budapest (HU). Their talk tonight in Bristol describes the project and the experience of working across multiple European locations, organization and cultures.


In partnership with Ecowizer (, Kitchen Budapest organized a two-day workshop (May 5-6.) to inspire, brainstorm about, and create concepts of new eco-solutions that hold the promise of helping people and businesses reduce their negative environmental impact.

Kibu catalogue 2011

Beside presenting our life from 2007 till present the new Kitchen Budapest catalogue has an additional speciality which encourages you to play.

SubMap distorts the map of Finland at Pixelache

SubMap project is exhibited at Pixelache Helsinki 2011 festival between 10-13 March 2011. The visualization project by Dániel Feles, Krisztián Gergely, Gáspár Hajdu and Attila Bujdosó (Kitchen Budapest) was selected and aligns well to this year’s theme ‘Map me if you will’.

SubMap distorts the map of Finland based on the Twitter communication within the country tracked real-time.

Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier awarded Cross-European residency

In collaboration with NIMk (Netherlands Media Art Institute), Pervasive Media Studio and 5daysoff festival, Kitchen Budapest is pleased to announce the recipients of an exciting cross-European residency programme.

Over the next four months, Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier will spend supported time at each lab, to develop a new sonic artwork that will use mobile technologies to connect strangers in a fascinating experience.

LABtoLAB #3 at Constant in Brussels

From 24-28 January we are participating at Labtolab meeting III. organized by Constant in Brussels.

About KIBU in Lublin, Poland

In the framework of Atomy and Bity (Atoms and Bits) lecture series Melinda Sipos was invited to talk about KIBU. Artists, cultural managers, university students and active rulers of local cultural life were present to hear about our working method, activities, organization structure and projects. The talk was followed by a discussion with a very enthusiast group of these people who are in a process of formalizing their own medialab. Learning about KIBU's and other examples of art&technology places hopefully help them clarifying their visions and expectations.

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