KIBU catalogues!

You can read and/or download our 2 catalogues that we made in this 1,5 year! KIBU 1 év and KIBU Summer
Read it and ask us if you are interested in our projects!

Murmur Study at the Spark Festival

Murmur Study is a work-in-progress that examines the rise of micro-messaging technologies such as Twitter and Facebook Status Updates. Twenty thermal receipt printers controlled by Processing, Arduinos and custom circuitry, continuously produce an endless waterfall of Tweets, which accumulate in tangled piles at the bottom.

KIBU @ Lift 09 Conference

Kitchen Budapest presents four projects at Lift 09 Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Between 25-27 February KIBU presents these four of our projects: Tone Tags, Himes and Nighmo. The Lift 09 Conference gave us an opportunity to introduce the Smoke Viz project.

Visiting Artist: Venzha Christ

Visiting Kibu until the middle of March is Venzha Christ, artist and founder of HONF: House of Natural Fiber, a Yogyakartan new media art lab.

You can see more about his work here:

NCP at Resonance Ghent

No Copy Paste is taking part in the 3-day live coding lab at the Resonance Ghent festival in Belgium. At the research gallery Espace Ladda an open symposium is held, curated by Freesound founder Bram de Jong, bringing the most talented in the audio-visual area of ‘live coding‘. Also known as ‘on-the-fly programming’ or ‘interactive programming’, the name ‘live coding’ is given to the creative process of writing - and visualizing - software in real-time as part of the performance. Until recently a musician/composer rarely had the capability of altering software code in real-time, which is somewhat erased by the rise of coding programs such as ChucK and SuperCollider.

Lift Conference 2009

"One of Lift Conference’s special treats is the Lift Experience, a series of projects and installations from artist and designers all over the world," and we are proud to be one of them.

NCP in Zagreb

Our live coding group No Copy Paste was invited to the μArs festival in Zagreb to give a performance and teach workshops about their tools.

Please visit the following links for more information:

Download our One Year book!

Many of you were interested in our One Year book, which was presented on our 1. birthday at Millenáris. Now you can download it!


A Create Digital Motion is a webzine and community site for VJs and other producers of moving images. Our unique and influential audience reads daily for the latest news, tips, reviews, and features on digital video production and performance. It is a great to be mentioned at this page and we made it: our Animata project is on CDM!

KIBU @ E-magiciens, France

We have the honor again to take part in a conference at Valenciennes: at The E-magiciens. We introduce in France one of our newest projects, Tone Tags.

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