KIBU live on Twitter (again)

After 2 years of silence KIBU will get back and start really using Twitter. KIBU is more lively than ever and will keep you updated about our work, projects and events.

Please check our thread at and follow what is going on in the Kitchen!


This morning KIBU SZALONNA (i.e. bacon) has been launched. This is a monthly event with occasionally three lecturers who speak about a topic they are good at. Szalonna starts with a common breakfast and followed by 20 minutes long presentation and discussion. After a testing period we would like to open it for the public.

KIBU Camp again!

KIBU CAMP is running from Tuesday till Friday night!
Our team are refreshing the "KIBU-soul" and make new energy for the place: we are sharing and teaching and working together in the whole day in KIBU and out of KIBU....

There are 4 teams (Binary, Vegetarian, Snail nail, Tram engineers) who organize 1 day where:
- we are making Morse signs-beans,
- listening lectures about Google wave, visibility future, art and technology
- playing in the city with local topics
- cook and make breakfast and lunches....


Kitchen Budapest exhibited as one of the professional partners of GINNT EXPO 2009 at Europe Congress Center, Budapest.

GINNT EXPO is the forum of the newest innovation technologies of Central Europe.

Soft is the new cool

Hungarian Institut, New York
16-19 May 2009.


Festival of electronic art and subcultures
Helsinki, Finland
2-5 April

With the 8th edition of Pixelache Helsinki, the festival is returning back to its roots. Instead of focusing on one main theme, we’ve allowed the programme to develop gradually around a selection of diverse topics. This reflects the nature of the festival: it’s built from bottom-up, with the voluntary efforts of the Pixelache community.

KIBU at ENTER Festival in Prague

We are invited for ENTER Festival which is 4th Art, Science and Technology Festival in Prague between 18th and 24th April. We are presenting our quite new QR T-Shirt message project at DOX (Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague), one of the venue of this Festival.

Asia Europe Foundation - New Media Arts Policy Recommendations

Last summer we have participated at an expert's meeting in Singapore, where we have been working hard to draft recommendations for new media arts practice and education funding policies. The results have just been published:



KIBU at NEXT 6 Festival, Århus

KIBU was invited to NEXT 6 (Nordic Exceptional Trendshop) in Århus, Denmark. This event took place on 2+3+4+5 April 2009 and was organized by Innovation Lab just as last year. At this event Kitchen Budapest showed 4 projects, all of them received positive public response.

NEXT 6. Exhibition - selection of video broadcasts

We broadcasted live video about KIBU's booth in NEXT 6. festival and also made interviews of dude exhibitors. This is all could happen using the wonderful Bambuser service which is a great tool to easily broadcast live video even from your mobile phone.

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