Scratch that itch - KIBU workshop at Recycle X, Doordrecht (NL)

András Szalai and Melinda Sipos of KIBU will join Recycle X and are invited to develop a workshop on-site.'Scratch that Itch' will take place in the KIBU Space, where you can sit, browse and interact with a selection of KIBU projects and products.

KIBU people are taking over universities!

We're really proud to spread the world that many KIBU researchers got accepted to prestigious art&technology courses around the world. Congratulations!

ENABLE! Lift@Austria

LIFT@austria | Enable! happened in Vienna on March 18-20, 2010. The three day convention has brought together people, organizations, and networks to elaborate and work on the question what does the concept of Enabling mean in various contexts and domains of (game-changing) innovation.

In the air Budapest go!

Nerea has presented the project in detail to the group gathered for the workshop and we started thinking, brainstorming, generating ideas.


András Beke - architect, BME
Áron Benedek - sustainability associate, Magyar Telekom
Nerea Calvillo - architect
Dávid Dúl - web programming, KIBU
Irma Földényi - environmental designer
Olivér Horváth - design and art theory department, MOME
Márton András Juhász - biochemist, KIBU
Szonja Kádár - product designer
Tamás Nadrai - programmer
Levente Polyák - urbanist
Zsófia Ruttkay - mathematician, MOME Creative Technology Lab

The website of the Budapest edition will be available in a few days.

What the hack? - Climate hack on Vimeo

Climate Hack workshop's documentation has been updated with an edited video made during the Transemdiale09 in Berlin. See the video and more informations here.

Opera Looper@Brooklyn Museum, New York

The Extremely Hungary and the Brooklyn Museum Target First Saturdays have organized together the Opera Unbound day. One of the main program is an interactive installation called Opera Looper. This is a cooperative project between Samu Gryllus and Kitchen Budapest/Animata. Visitors are invited to create dynamic visual and sound compositions with wireless remote control.

Arbour Light is presented at Videospace, LOWTECH exhibition

Videospace, 09.11.2009 - 10.10. 2009
Opening 09.11.2008 7 PM


This morning KIBU SZALONNA (i.e. bacon) has been launched. This is a monthly event with occasionally three lecturers who speak about a topic they are good at. Szalonna starts with a common breakfast and followed by 20 minutes long presentation and discussion. After a testing period we would like to open it for the public.

Soft is the new cool

Hungarian Institut, New York
16-19 May 2009.


Festival of electronic art and subcultures
Helsinki, Finland
2-5 April

With the 8th edition of Pixelache Helsinki, the festival is returning back to its roots. Instead of focusing on one main theme, we’ve allowed the programme to develop gradually around a selection of diverse topics. This reflects the nature of the festival: it’s built from bottom-up, with the voluntary efforts of the Pixelache community.

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