Beyond Data Book Launch at DEAF'12

Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest are pleased to launch a new joint publication focusing on their recent collaboration called Beyond Data. The event takes place at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival in Rotterdam on May 18, 2012.

Hint for the weekend: KIBU at Dutch Design Days!

On Sunday, 6th November 2011, the exhibition inspired by the book Subjective Atlas of Hungary is going to open at Európa Pont and the results of the joint KIBU-Baltan Laboratories research project Beyond Data Lab will be presented at WAMP design fair.

“Beyond Data: Baltan-KIBU Temporary Design Lab”

Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest are collaborating to bring their different working methodologies and networks together in a series of two workshops in which Dutch and Hungarian artists and designers explore new ways of embodying digital data. The first workshop takes place at Kitchen Budapest from 27 September to 1 October 2011.

Artists’ Talk: We Are Forests, Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier

Emilie Grenier and Duncan Speakman developed 'We Are Forests' through a shared residency at Pervasive Media Studio, Netherlands Media Arts Institute (Amsterdam, NL), 5daysoff festival (Amsterdam, NL) and Kitchen Budapest (HU). Their talk tonight in Bristol describes the project and the experience of working across multiple European locations, organization and cultures.

Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier awarded Cross-European residency

In collaboration with NIMk (Netherlands Media Art Institute), Pervasive Media Studio and 5daysoff festival, Kitchen Budapest is pleased to announce the recipients of an exciting cross-European residency programme.

Over the next four months, Duncan Speakman and Émilie Grenier will spend supported time at each lab, to develop a new sonic artwork that will use mobile technologies to connect strangers in a fascinating experience.

About KIBU in Lublin, Poland

In the framework of Atomy and Bity (Atoms and Bits) lecture series Melinda Sipos was invited to talk about KIBU. Artists, cultural managers, university students and active rulers of local cultural life were present to hear about our working method, activities, organization structure and projects. The talk was followed by a discussion with a very enthusiast group of these people who are in a process of formalizing their own medialab. Learning about KIBU's and other examples of art&technology places hopefully help them clarifying their visions and expectations.

EUROPES - Contemporary Culture Festival

The Conference on Production Centers and Platforms is an annual three-day symposium whose first edition will be held on 10-12 November 2010 in the framework of EUROPES. The conference aims to forge active ties between European production centers and platforms working in the field of plastic, visual and performing arts. This offers a meeting point so heads of key European centers and platforms can get together and debate issues such as theoretical and critical analysis and strike up a dialogue to share positions, expectations, models and interests, comparing and contrasting interdisciplinary visions and strengthening networks.

Call for proposals : Shared Artist in Residence

5daysoff, Pervasive Media Studio, Kitchen Budapest and NIMk launch an open call for a cross-European residency programme.

We’re looking for interesting artists seeking time and space to research, produce and present projects at the intersection of art, mobility and culture involving audience participation. The programme will support early stage ideas that utilise pervasive technologies and free/open source software. This is a valuable opportunity to explore process and develop experimental works within four unique collaborative environments to be presented in public space and/or festival environments.


ZER01 in collaboration with xClinic and posted an open call for proposals to create environmental health projects and lifestyle experiments that make use of Pachube. The selected proposal, Beat Your Mouse Movement by Kitchen Budapest, will be featured as part of the Out of the Garage, Into the World program at the 2010 01SJ Biennial.

MediaLab Chrzelice go! Culture Camp 2.0 in Poland

The core of the weekend meeting will be a series of workshops presenting the creative possibilities in using new digital technologies. From our part Gabor Papp holds a Fluxus workshop and Melinda Sipos will talk about KIBU and medialabs in general.

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