Kitchen Budapest exhibited as one of the professional partners of GINNT EXPO 2009 at Europe Congress Center, Budapest.

GINNT EXPO is the forum of the newest innovation technologies of Central Europe.

NEXT 6. Exhibition - selection of video broadcasts

We broadcasted live video about KIBU's booth in NEXT 6. festival and also made interviews of dude exhibitors. This is all could happen using the wonderful Bambuser service which is a great tool to easily broadcast live video even from your mobile phone.

Nighmo for 100% design Tokyo

Product development of Nighmo is finished, we have the final product which production is still in progress.

At first we will produce 30-50 pieces to be exhibited and sold at 100% design Tokyo in October 2008.

Csoma's wheel has arrived to Zangla

Arriving of the prayer-wheel was waited with great excitements in Zangla. The king and his wife took the efforts to climb up to the palace to sanctify the wheel by a silk scarf.

Arbour Light in Sibiu

Arbour light was one of the works exhibited in Reviewing the medium - Connectivity, Artlabs, Sibiu.

Hello in the lawn

The lawnmower introduced with cutting a big "hello" ...

Textmower almost ready

The lawnmover is almost ready to cut text pattern into the grass only some elecronic part needs to be done. The total power output of the mixers is as much as the power output of a washing machine.

meeting of a lawnmower and a handmixer

The first landprint prototype will be ready to operate in a couple of days. At the present position it seems like the lawnmower equipped with 14 handmixer will cut text in the grass at the project presentation. Household handmixers have the potential to function like little lawnmowers, although they need to be cut a little by a saw...

Altering the lawnmower

One problem to solve with lawnmower is to get exact information about the moving. To detect the wheel rotation is relatively simple task using a LED and a light sensor.

mini softboxes

We make little softboxes and make experiments with reflect their light on the ceiling or on the top of the wall. Arduino panel controlls the the light and color of the RGB LEDs in softboxes.

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