Block Hack workshop 2012

We run a workshop for architecture students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics between 16 and 20 April 2012. The main focus is put on The Village House in Budapest which was built in 1970. The building, with its 886 flats and 315m length, counts as the largest apartment building in Hungary.

During the 5-days workshop we will explore relations between place and community, trust networks, invisible networks, 2d and embodied datavisualizations as well as community engagement platforms and games. We will map wireless networks invisible in the building, create a 2d or spatial visualization of it and explore its inlaying potential in contributing to building a sense of community.

Workshop leaders: Bujdosó Ildikó, Bujdosó Attila
Invited speaker: Ferenczi Bálint
Keywords: location and community, livability, playful, garden

Photo credit by AZso.