(b)AR is an augmented reality game, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places.

It is meant to be a social experiment, mixing cutting edge technology with entertainment, involving music and fun. Participating only requires to attach the AR sticker onto the bottom of the drink received. Each sticker is assigned to a certain instrument. The playing area is marked; the tracking camera must recognize and locate the sticker. By this time the music starts playing. The position, the rotation angle and the distance from a reference point ables to manipulate the sound.

(b)AR at MT 2010 Kickoff Meeting:

Work in progress photos:

Used technologies:

Pure Data


(B)ar was exhibited at Alternative Party 2009, Helsinki/Finland and MT 2010 Kickoff event at MŰPA, Budapest.

People involved:

Csík-Kovács Zoltán
Ozsvald Eszter
Szalai András
Gergely Krisztián
Kiss László
Papp Gábor
Bujdosó Attila