Arbour Light

Arbour light, an intelligent lighting system can reproduce the visual atmosphere of natural phenomena. It recreates the ambient atmosphere rather than a photographic image, hence it extends communication into non intrusive modalities.

Why do we prepare it?

While it is a design object in our living space, it also provides an environment for alternative communications (instead of hypertext) between places and people. It acts as a metaphor for how, at a subconscious level, we perceive natural phenomena through a play of light. Its purpose is mainly visualization rather than correct representation. With the help of Arbour Light we can map feelings and senses. The manifestation creates a sort of meta-communication between various levels of perception through which one can get in touch with other places and people.

How does it work?

The system: currently it is a layout made from 7x9 unit pixels. Each unit includes an RGB LED and a microprocessor, which translates the video content into colors and the light-intensity of each pixel according to a predefined script.


Arbour light could be used in real time when it is attached to a webcam. The image of the webcam is directly transmitted and transformed. Beside of that we can also use it as representations of videos that already exist. A built in application proceeds our videos and sends it to the Arbour light.

The website is coming! Among others the site will give opportunity to reach an ambient database, which is based on the videos of Arbour Light owners and “phenomena-collectors”. It provides the possiblility to register our Arbour light, upload and dowload videos, connecting and streaming webcams. We imagine it like a sort of web-community and encourage people to share their experiences, feelings in a non-image based, non-textual way.

Arbour Light from KIBU on Vimeo.


30. 10. - 01. 11. 2008 -- Image Radio Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands

15-16. 06. 2008 -- KIBU Customized me, Millenáris Park, Budapest

29. 04. 2008 -- Brandfestival Digital, VAM Design

4-6. 04. 2008 -- Next5, Innovation exhibition and trendshop
Aarhus, Denmark

13-16. 03. 2008 -- Pixelache 08, Electronic Art Festival, Helsinki, Finland

22-24. 02. 2008 -- NL Design Festival_WAMP

26. 01. 2008 -- Kibu Projects Social

19.10. - 22.10. 2007 -- Reviewing the medium - Connectivity exhbition at Artlabs, Sibiu, Romania

26.09. 2007 -- The first presentation day at KIBU