In partnership with Ecowizer (, Kitchen Budapest organized a two-day workshop (May 5-6.) to inspire, brainstorm about, and create concepts of new eco-solutions that hold the promise of helping people and businesses reduce their negative environmental impact.

Under the guidance of seasoned workshop leader Ben Steenstra of Quince (, the participants considered, discussed, and developed several ideas that may ultimately lead to tools or products serving to improve the sustainability of our natural environment or strengthen people’s ecological consciousness. By bringing together designers, project managers, engineers, creative professionals, and environmentalists, the workshop was fuelled by a rich mix of different energies and fields of expertise, and hopefully paved the way for further cooperation among the participants.

The participants represented a wide range of institutions such as ELTE, MOME, Ecowizer, Quince, iMind, Gödör Klub, Exitloop, FabLab Budapest, Magyar Telekom, and last but not least Kitchen Budapest itself. The event was linked to Magyar Telekom’s Hello Holnap! campaign (, through the active participation of Magyar Telekom’s dedicated experts of sustainability and environmentalism.