MediaLab Chrzelice go! Culture Camp 2.0 in Poland

The core of the weekend meeting will be a series of workshops presenting the creative possibilities in using new digital technologies. From our part Gabor Papp holds a Fluxus workshop and Melinda Sipos will talk about KIBU and medialabs in general.

The summer camp is organized as a part of the Culture 2.0 project, which since 2006, examines and describes the cultural changes associated with technology and digital media. The organizer of the camp, which takes place on 12-16 August 2010 in a village near Opole Chrzelice is Ortus Foundation. The camp is part of the activities carried out by the Foundation, associated with nascent Centre for Dialogue of Cultures – Chrzelice Castle. For the programme of this project responsible are Mirek Filiciak (SWPS) and Alek Tarkowski (Creative Commons Poland / ICM UW).
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