AV Festival 10

Kitchen Budapest participated a symposium entitled Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition. The 2-days symposium was hosted by Culture Lab, Newcastle University and took place during AV Festival 10, a biennial international festival of electronic arts, which took place from 5-14 March 2010.

This two-day research-training event explored current design and curating practice research, and embraces new alternate models of creative production and dissemination. The event included 4 sessions around the following themes:

  • Curating Methods
  • Negotiating ‘Community’ Participation In Creative Practice
  • Questions vs. Problems : Design Methods
  • DIY Methods

The symposium involved, among others, Sabine Himmelsbach, artistic director of Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg, Germany, Clive Gillman, artist and director of Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham, authors of 'Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media' published by MIT Press, 2010, Lalya Gaye and Atau Tanaka.

This initiative was a collaboration between Culture Lab at Newcastle University, and CRUMB at University of Sunderland.

The AV Festival included a wide range of exhibitions featuring electronic art pieces, performances and screenings. Full programme booklet is available here.

See many photos of the exhibited works at Attila's Flickr set.

Felix Hess, It’s In The Air, 1996. Atsuhiro Ito performance Artificiel: condemned_bulbes